"We were somewhat conversant with the process of applying for undergraduate admissions after experiencing it with our elder daughter. However, that first exposure did not mean that we were by any means experts in the process! My wife and I knew that each child has their own unique personality and what was good for our elder child did not necessarily translate into the best situation for our younger one.

With this realization that a “cookie cutter” solution was not wise, when it was time for our younger daughter to apply to colleges, my wife and I approached Joan for advice on navigating the process. We soon learned that whatever knowledge that we had gained during our initial adventure in the college admissions process was miniscule compared to the vast expertise that Joan brings to the table.

In addition to her intimate familiarity with the college admissions process, Joan is a good listener and able to relate to young people given her numerous years of experience in academia and dealing with that age demographic. Suffice it to say my younger daughter is currently in her senior year at a highly rated university, and now with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can say without a doubt that Joan’s involvement was crucial in helping my daughter excel at the “right” institution."
Nandu Nayar
Professor of Finance & Hans Julius Bär Endowed Chair, Lehigh University
"Joan added a new dimension to the College of Business and Economics when she joined Lehigh. Her visionary strength, her ability as a facilitator,and her we can do it attitude have enabled her to make a significant difference for the students, the faculty and her colleagues. I very much value her and highly recommend her"
Roger Nagel
Wagner Professor & Senior fellow, Lehigh University
"While completing my undergraduate business degree at Lehigh University I had the pleasure of getting to know Dean DeSalvatore. Whether the topic of our discussion was informal or selecting a major her compassionate nature helped influence many of my decisions as I began my career. During my time on campus the one thing that I could always count on was Dean DeSalvatore's consistency in expecting the most out of her students. In the time that I spent at Lehigh I found Dean DeSalvatore's devotion to academics and the holistic student experience to be unwavering. Each year new programs were rolled out, or improved with lessons from the previous year, to increase the complete student experience. Anyone that is in the position to shape their college experience and prepare for the beginning of their career would greatly benefit from a discussion with Dean DeSalvatore."
Joshua Mann
Student, Lehigh University
"As a student at Columbia Business School I was fortunate to have Joan DeSalvatore as a Dean. She was accessible to the students and personally met with me individually on many occasions. Her advice and direction was extremely beneficial as I navigated the classes, abundance of activities and networking events to determine my next professional steps. I thank Joan for her wisdom and highly recommend working with her."
Michelle Tillis Lederman
Student, Columbia University
"Dean DeSalvatore was the Associate Dean at Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics while I was a freshman and sophomore. She quickly became a mentor and friend due to her genuine interest in my ability to be a successful student. I found Dean DeSalvatore to be very approachable, focused, and helpful in her dealings with me. She shared her passion for education and learning with all that crossed her path and had an incredibly positive impact on my experience at Lehigh."
Andrew Hermalyn
Student, Lehigh University
"The college admissions process can be a scary, harrowing journey if not navigated properly. As I learned just few years ago, however, gaining admission into any institute of higher education is only the beginning.

As a student at Lehigh University, I worked with Joan when she was Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics. Most importantly, she knew the ins and outs of the college like the back of her hand, enabling her to advise my peers and myself of which classes and career tracks would be most beneficial to achieve our long-term goals. She spared no effort to make herself a wealth of information – there is no question for which she does not have an answer – and she was always willing to go the extra mile.

Joan’s ability to listen and the emphasis she placed on ensuring the complete satisfaction of her students was overwhelming. At points in my academic career, I heard my peers refer to her as the “guru” of the college and the immediate “go-to” for anything academic-related, despite the existence of other staff who were well-equipped to help out. It was common knowledge – if a student wanted results, he or she knew to try and get on Joan’s calendar, even with weeks of backlog. Needless to say, Joan has a knack for getting things done and doing whatever it takes to get the best possible outcome.

Now an investment banker at a bulge bracket firm in New York, I reflect on my academic career and can say without a doubt that Joan had the single-most significant effect on my development as an undergraduate. Simply put, Joan DeSalvatore is an expert in the college advising and consultation arena, and as a qualified educator with years of experience in the industry, her ability to take a long view and focus on the development of each young person with whom she interacts makes her an invaluable resource for any student aiming to achieve extraordinary results."
Divya Nayar

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