Our Process

We provide a personalized and individualized service that incorporates a professional and objective analysis of the student's profile. This is achieved by:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In-depth evaluation of student’s profile based on meetings, school transcript, and standardized test results.

Organizing and planning

Development an action plan with detailed to-do-list for student involvement with the admissions process.

School search

Creation of a list of well-suited schools including information on specific aspects of those schools that suit the student’s profile.


Mock alumni and on-campus interviews.

Comprehensive essay service

Help students brainstorm, outline, draft and edit essays.

Activity Lists

Develop detailed activity list to communicate full range of student's involvement in extracurricular activities.

Unlimited Contact

Continuous access via e-mail, phone and fax throughout the planning, search and admissions process.

Decision Making

Collaborative assistance with the process of selecting the appropriate offer of admission.