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At College Bound Advising Today we offer a range of service options, designed to be affordable and effective:

The Comprehensive College Application Process for High School Juniors and Seniors*

Consultation is via in-home meeting, telephone, email and text message.


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This Includes up to 8 sessions :

  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records and educational testing results.
  • Assessment of interests, strengths, skills and academic and extra-curricular goals.
  • Prioritizing important aspects of the college selection process.
  • Development of "to do" list for educational testing, college visits, application completion and submission.
  • Assistance with essay topic development and writing (editing only).
  • Review of all essays and other application materials.
  • Advice on college interviews.
  • Assistance regarding admissions decisions.


Introduction – Initial meetings with parents and the student are a crucial component in the process of getting to know the student, their goals and interests. The conversation will begin with an in-depth discussion of student’s future goals, current interests, activities, learning style, and aspirations. As an aid to that meeting, you should bring along a copy of the current high school transcript, SAT or ACT score reports and profile of the high school. We will also discuss the family’s current thoughts regarding college options: schools, location, size, cost, specialties. As a result of these meetings, we will be able to identify colleges that are appropriate academic and social-emotional matches.

Options and Selection – The student is provided with a list of colleges that meet the agreed-upon criteria. During this meeting, the different options will be discussed with an emphasis on how each one relates to the student’s interests, strengths and social preferences. As a result of this meeting, the student will have a "short list" of schools to visit and/or to which they will apply.

Application – At this step we will discuss the application itself, teacher recommendations, test scores, and transcripts. The student will receive on-going assistance and advice on the essay writing process–from brain-storming the subject and ideas regarding style/format, to an editing session and final critique. As a result of this step, the student will be able to complete and submit applications to the desired colleges on time and in a manner that provides an accurate and compelling representation of themselves.

Preparation for College Visits – For this there will be a meeting with parents and student to decide which colleges they will visit. Individual session with student will help prepare for the Admissions Interview, including Mock Interview.

Decision – After the schools make their decisions, in the acceptance phase, it is often important to meet with the families to discuss the best school to attend. As a result, the student will accept the appropriate offer of admission and communicate with all colleges that have made offers of admission.

Follow-up – The transition to college can raise questions or issues. A follow-up meeting, email exchange or phone call can be a very important resource. The Advisor will be available to the student for follow-up.

The List-Only Package for High School Juniors and Seniors *

This package is a "lite" version of the Comprehensive Package – listed above, and will be no more than 5 sessions.

The services included in this package:

  1. In depth discussion of college preferences with parent and student.
  2. Review of high school and testing records.
  3. Creating a list of potential colleges, including “reach”, “likely” and “very likely” options.
  4. Meeting to refine and finalize the list of potential colleges.
  5. Enrollment decision meeting.

The College Preparation Process for High School Freshmen and Sophomores *

Often, students who are at the beginning of their high school career want guidance in building the best pre-college profile possible. Here, goal-setting is an important feature. This can be scheduled for any time during the first 3 years of high school or immediately before entrance.

This option includes:

  1. Review of academic record.
  2. Advice on course selection.
  3. Testing recommendations.
  4. Recommendations on extra-curricular activities.
  5. Discussion of pre-planning the college application process.

A result of this meeting will be a timetable for tests, a plan for courses and a list of possible activities.

Those who have purchased this package, and then decide to purchase the Comprehensive Package will receive a $300 discount.

Families may wish to add an annual follow-up meeting to this plan at $100, for an hour-long session.

Additional Services *

Each of these services are available as a part of the Comprehensive Package, but can be purchased individually, in 3-hour blocks.

  • Essay Brainstorming and Editing
  • Application Review
  • Enrollment Decision Meeting with parents and student
* Fee schedule available upon request. Please call us at 484 547-9210.