Alleviate Your Stress

Choosing a college can be a very stressful process for a number of reasons. Parents want to be involved, however their students may have other ideas. This is a huge decision and students are not always ready to make these life choices. They may not possess the self-knowledge to make this decision, and may need to work  through a process to develop a strong set of criteria on which to base this decision.

Consider that the junior and senior years of high school can be very difficult for students.  They have many competing priorities to balance:  improving their  grades, deepening their extracurricular commitments, and preparing for those annoying SAT and ACT tests (and don’t forget the difficulty of maintaining a social life!). For these reasons—and many others—the college selection and application process can become anxiety ridden for all involved.

An experienced college consultant can help reassure nervous parents, guide students through a process of self-discovery, and ensure that all the administrative pieces are managed with efficiency and accuracy.  The transition from high school to college should be an exciting time in a young person’s life, full of anticipation and promise, and a professional college counselor can maintain the focus on the excitement — and not the stress.

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