Give you a Competitive Edge

The process of applying to Colleges has changed dramatically. There is no predicting what may cause a college to pick one applicant over another. More and more  students are applying to college, and each student is applying to more colleges. So how can college-bound students give themselves a competitive edge?

High school guidance counselors are overburdened. More and more families are turning to private consultants to help select the right colleges and guide the student through the admissions process. According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), an estimated 22% of freshmen at private, four-year colleges have used some kind of consulting services in the admission process.

Good, focused guidance in selecting the right schools and in completing the application and essays can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.  I can help your son or daughter develop an appropriate college selection and admissions strategy to give them the best possible chance of reaching their educational goals.

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