Help Eliminate The Confusion

The Internet means that students and parents have much more access to enormous amounts of information. With literally thousands of websites devoted to college selection and admission, parents and students can learn more about college admission than ever before.

But knowledge is not bliss: the overwhelming quantity of information that does little to clarify our vision and answer our individual questions.  Which information is useful?  Which sources can I trust?  Which information applies to my child’s particular situation?  The huge expansion of available information has created a new burden of having to sift through a ton of data for useful tidbits.

An experienced college consultant can help do the sifting for you.  By focusing primarily on your student, and using the tools available to them, an Independent Educational Consultant can pull the information that is directly relevant to the student’s situation.  And because a good counselor also knows colleges well, they can select colleges that closely match the student’s needs, abilities, and ambitions.

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