College Preparation Process

For High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Often, students who are at the beginning of their high school career want guidance in building the best pre-college profile possible.  Here, goal-setting is an important feature. This can be scheduled for any time during the first 3 years of high school or immediately before entrance.

This option includes:

  • Review of academic record.
  • Advice on course selection.
  • Testing recommendations.
  • Recommendations on extra-curricular activities.
  • Discussion of pre-planning the college application process.

A result of this meeting will be a timetable for tests, a plan for courses and a list of possible activities.

Those who have purchased this package, and then decide to purchase the Comprehensive Package will receive a $300 discount.

Families may wish to add an annual follow-up meeting to this plan at $100, for an hour-long session.

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