Comprehensive College Application Process

For High School Juniors and Seniors

Consultation is via in-home meeting, telephone, email and text message.

This Includes up to 8 sessions :

  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records and educational testing results.
  • Assessment of interests, strengths, skills and academic and extra-curricular goals.
  • Prioritizing important aspects of the college selection process.
  • Development of “to do” list for educational testing, college visits, application completion and submission.
  • Assistance with essay topic development and writing (editing only).
  • Review of all essays and other application materials.
  • Advice on college interviews.
  • Assistance regarding admissions decisions.


Introduction – Initial meetings with parents and the student are a crucial component in the process of getting to know the student, their goals and interests.  The conversation will begin with an in-depth discussion of student’s future goals, current interests, activities, learning style, and aspirations.  As an aid to that meeting, you should bring along a copy of the current high school transcript, SAT or ACT score reports and profile of the high school. We will also discuss the family’s current thoughts regarding college options:  schools, location, size, cost, specialties.  As a result of these meetings, we will be able to identify colleges that are appropriate academic and social-emotional matches.

Options and Selection – The student is provided with a list of colleges that meet the agreed-upon criteria.  During this meeting, the different options will be discussed with an emphasis on how each one relates to the student’s interests, strengths and social preferences.  As a result of this meeting, the student will have a “short list” of schools to visit and/or to which they will apply.

Application – At this step we will discuss the application itself, teacher recommendations, test scores, and transcripts.  The student will receive on-going assistance and advice on the essay writing process–from brain-storming the subject and ideas regarding style/format, to an editing session and final critique.  As a result of this step, the student will be able to complete and submit applications to the desired colleges on time and in a manner that provides an accurate and compelling representation of themselves.

Preparation for College Visits – For this there will be a meeting with parents and student to decide which colleges they will visit.  Individual session with student will help prepare for the Admissions Interview, including Mock Interview.

Decision – After the schools make their decisions, in the acceptance phase, it is often important to meet with the families to discuss the best school to attend.  As a result, the student will accept the appropriate offer of admission and communicate with all colleges that have made offers of admission.

Follow-up – The transition to college can raise questions or issues.  A follow-up meeting, email exchange or phone call can be a very important resource.  The Advisor will be available to the student for follow-up.

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