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College-Bound Advising Today is a provider of Educational/College Consulting to students and their families attempting to wade through the mountain of information about Colleges, to find schools that will best fit the student’s needs.

Joan DeSalvatore

Joan DeSalvatore

The Internet is a terrific source of information for just about anything, including colleges.  Every college has a web site with appealing pictures, countless amounts of data, and campus video tours. The challenge becomes: how can we hope to interpret the overwhelming abundance of information and sift through the options. You need to ask:  How does it apply to me?  Will there be people there like me?  What if I don’t know what I want to major in? Should I commute or be a resident?  How do I find the answer to my questions? This is one of the most important decisions of your life.

Joan DeSalvatore of College Bound Advising Today has spent over 20 years as an award winning senior administrator at some of our nation’s top schools, including Columbia and Lehigh Universities.  During those years, Joan worked closely with thousands of students and advised hundreds of others as they explored their college choices.  Let Joan use that knowledge and experience to help you find your way through the mass of information – to find just the right college to ideally fit your personality, interests, and needs.

Joan DeSalvatore

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In-depth evaluation of student’s profile based on meetings, school transcript, and standardized test results.


Organizing and planning
Development of an action plan with detailed to-do-list for student involvement with the admissions process.


School search
Creation of a list of well-suited schools including information on specific aspects of those schools that suit the student’s profile.